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After a decade of sold-out shows in his home town of Birmingham with his band Rhino & The Ranters, the King of Cow-Punk R John Webb’s second single on new Birmingham label Catch The Buzz is another chapter in the story of Dandy The Vandal, a time-travelling troubadour sent from the Seventies to save us from the entirely predictable disasters of Brexit and the rise in racism and general right-wing dystopia it has created, as well as more unexpected catastrophes like Covid and Ukraine.

The music itself bears some hallmarks of that decade, with its disconnected Bowie-esque vocals and bouncy groove, which is also somewhat reminiscent of the Plastic Ono Band’s classic pop-rock mastery.

Webb explains the concept further:

“Under the skin of English Society are The Subterraneans: the outsiders. The ones that will create the new society”

“Dandy the Vandal has come from the space dimension to save the UK from the tribulations of the 1970s that have returned due to a tear in the space/time continuum. He is armed with rock‘n’roll and joined by his band of underground misfits - The Godforsaken Sweethearts”.

The track is the second to be taken from his forthcoming concept album ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Dandy the Vandal & The Godforsaken Sweethearts’, which is set for release in the summer of 2022.





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