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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Cross Me by Point A, reviewed by Stephen Pennell

If like me you’re already bored of Adele’s latest rehash of her tired old formula, this refreshing invitation into the world of mysterious newcomer Point A could be just what you’re looking for.

Fresh, vibrant and exciting, this accomplished debut washes in on a tide of atmospheric and funky vibes, a sort of wavy and ultra-modern amalgam of Soul II Soul beats and Nick Cave guitars. A sonic depth-charge of rumbling bass heralds the opening lyrics - hard-hitting and eloquent, soulfully delivered, with every word dropping perfectly into place in terms of rhythm and rhyme, articulately conveying the artist’s frustration at others’ misconceptions and her determination to confound them. The anger in the words is palpable, but this is also music as a form of therapy, through which the artist is able to express herself and face up to her own fears and frustrations.

“This song was initially written as a way for me to explode in private. It was almost about the person I wish I could've been at that point in my life. I wanted to be strong; I wanted to give no fucks, but I just wasn’t there. The song was a mixture of how I actually felt, versus the backbone I was trying to build. If you listen to the lyrics, you can gauge this cacophony of feelings: insecurity, defensiveness, isolation, motivation, and so on.”

It’s an incredibly polished track for a debut single, and it’s no surprise to see the name of the Magic Gardener, Gavin Monaghan, on production credits. Thrillingly and thankfully, there is more to come. Point A explains further:

“A lot of my songs also have an element of fantasy, and I often write about particular personas, character traits, lifestyles and situations that interest me, and try to imagine what I would be like in, or with those circumstances. I actually ended up completely scrapping the ending of the original version of Cross Me, to tone it down a bit, so it wasn’t so aggressive. It served the song at the time, but it wasn’t the energy I wanted to share with the world, and it started to feel a little immature. I think the ending now, two years on, really represents me as an artist. It’s a nice little teaser into what’s yet to come…”

I’m really trying to not get carried away here but I honestly think this excellent debut heralds the arrival of a major talent. The hype is already building about Point A’s next couple of releases - get acquainted with the first instalment here:





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