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Updated: May 15, 2021

Reviewed by Resolution Records

The New Consistent is a West Midlands MC whose latest fusions of jazz, soul and hip-hop have earned him acclaim from BBC 6 Music, Counteract and the Birmingham Music Awards. His understated flow and personal lyrics have led to comparisons with contemporaries such as Loyle Carner and Manik MC, and with two EPs under his belt, the latest being 2020’s Stories From The 01905, TNC has hyped this new single as his “best yet”, serving as an indication towards his future artistic direction.

Instrumentally, the song borrows from the current wave of hip-hop-tinged neo-soul that is currently dominating the underground, with sunny guitars and a shuffling, groovy beat – comparable to the likes of Tom Misch and Oscar Jerome. Over this, Spencer Crowie opens the track by singing his ass off to great effect, and he undoubtedly has the vocal chops to pull it off, carrying the hook perfectly. As TNC starts rapping, the conversational, wordy flow is reminiscent of late-career Mike Skinner, with a vocal goofiness that invites comparison to Madness’ Suggs, while the optimistic vibe of the chorus is juxtaposed with a more contemplative, less sure-of-itself mood in the verses. One can’t deny its uniqueness, as I can’t really think of anyone else in the game that sounds even close to him. The instrumental and clean-sung vocals carry a huge amount of potential and are so strong that I can see plenty of people going with the flows to really dig this one for the summer.

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