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The Five O Fives are a West Midlands-based indie-rock band who formed in 2019 and recently signed to Richard ‘Morph’ Morgan’s burgeoning roster of exciting talent on the Indie Midlands label. They’ve already graced the stages of the Actress and Bishop, Dead Wax and The Castle & Falcon in Birmingham, as well as selling out The Tin in Coventry. There was a captivating appearance on Raw Sound TV and three well-received singles - Through The Darkness, Something To Do and If You Won’t Say It - and now the four-piece return with their latest release.

The band are named after the number for positive change, and on Had To Do It, they explore that theme further… sort of. The lyrics tell a familiar tale of unrequited love, with one party keen to call it quits and in doing so break the heart of a teary-eyed spurned lover. The musical accompaniment is jaunty, dynamic and melodic - rarely has such brutal notice been served with such tenderness, the dictionary definition of an iron fist in a velvet glove. As the band themselves say:

‘An outpouring of frustration and pain,’“Had To Do It’ strikes on the feeling of dread when you know a relationship has run its course and the expiry date is nearing, the moment you deliver the painful news. Had To Do It is about hurting someone and knowing you have to. It’s for the best, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t painful.'

One thing seems certain - if Alice dumps you, it’s ruthless; the only crumb of comfort being if she sings you the bad news.

The Five O Fives are:

Alice Bloor - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Andreas Mouzourides -Lead Guitar

Nico Pickard - Bass Guitar

Joel Faulkner - drums





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