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Top troubadour returns with the third single from his forthcoming album.

Since relaunching his music career in November 2020, Sam Lambeth’s star has been on the rise. His upcoming headline show sold out within a week, and his critically acclaimed songs boast over 75,000 Spotify streams and over 10,000 monthly listeners. Recent single, ‘The King (You and Me)’, achieved regular airplay in the UK and America, making the Brum Radio A-List and reaching number two on In Your Ears Music’s inaugural Top of the Radio chart show. The West Midlander has been acclaimed by leading advocates of underground music This Feeling and Switch Radio, acting royalty Robert Carlyle, and fellow musicians Joseph Arthur and Evan Dando. Big-hearted Sam also has a conscience – he donated the profits of his recent single When Love Ain’t Enough to the World Wildlife Fund and when ‘The King’ hit 23,000 streams, he planted 23 trees as part of One Tree Planted. He also recently appeared alongside the Midlands’ brightest and best at the 0121 Livestream Festival, raising money for MIND. Previously, he has donated hundreds of pounds from EP sales and live gigs to Teenage Cancer Trust, while also appearing at fundraisers campaigning for those that have suffered sexual assaults at gigs. His new release continues his love affair with alt country and Americana, while retaining his knack for anthemics and ear for melody. It was recorded at RML Studios in Wolverhampton with legendary producer Ryan Pinson and features Zoe Brittle on piano. Recalling the folk of Taylor Swift and the bucolic rock of R.E.M., it’s a dusty slice of Americana embellished with maudlin violin and piano, a contemplative anthem from one of alt rock’s most potent tunesmiths.

Sam says: “I wrote this song over the vast plateau of the unforgiving Great Plains, during the bustling autumn afternoons in Oxford Circus and in between the gentle sea breezes across Martha’s Vineyard.”

“Except, not really. I’ve only been to one of those places - London - and this song was written before then in my bedroom. But When I’m With You has always been a song of imagination, of wonder, of magic. It takes me to different corners of the world every time I hear it. I hope it’ll be the same for the listener.” “It began as a challenge – to write a song with a few different chords. I’d been using the same four for so long I named my tongue-in-cheek Best Of after it. This time, I wanted things to be a bit fresh, a bit different. That’s when those words came to me…when I’m with you, I don’t care. “When I first wrote this song five years ago, I was in a grunge rock band. Surprise to say, it didn’t fit. But now it’s perfect. Lyrically, it represents doubt, excitement, fear and contentment. It can mean something different to everybody. It’s about the decisions we make, right or wrong, and the paths we take. “When I left the studio last August we all agreed When I’m With You was the best song. “I hope that down the line – whether people are in the city, the country or by the sea – they’ll hear this song and smile. Maybe they’ll look at their companion and say ‘when I’m with you, I don’t care.’ I can dream, but as you’ve guessed, I’ve got a bit of an imagination… Check it out here:

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