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We mark International Women’s Day with a tale of female talent and fortitude…

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the plight of the refugee has struck a chord with right-minded people all over the world. Though their situation can look hopeless, it’s important to remember that many displaced people have gone on to overcome the most challenging of circumstances to achieve success in their new environments. One such person is SHAB, an Iranian mother of two who has spent the last few years gaining a worldwide fan base and a reputation as a pop star with purpose.

Her inspirational story began when she made the trans-Atlantic trip to America, alone at the age of fourteen, with only a small suitcase and a place at high school awaiting. She immediately hit the books to learn English while working three jobs, including one at a pizza shop as a waitress and host. Following high school and after graduating college, SHAB attended law school but left to pursue writing and performing music full time.

SHAB made her English language debut via the ode to female wildness "Spell on Me," featuring a steady stream of feel-good hooks which helped amass over two million YouTube views. In the song, SHAB draws on her own romantic torment, crafting raw lyrics to her lover and heartfelt reflections on surrendering herself to intimacy.

Whether expressing her truth through power ballads or dance floor anthems, SHAB harnesses anguish and devotion as she traces journeys of female self-discovery. She hit number 2 on the UK Pop Charts with Music to My Heart, a mesmerising pop-leaning single produced by Grammy Award winner Damon Sharpe, who has also produced for the likes of Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez.

SHAB’s back catalogue is a heady mix of urban vibes, pop ballads and dance-inducing electronica. She paints from an eclectic palette of sonic effects and catchy hooks to make energising and memorable music, delivering a kaleidoscope of sound that goes hand-in-hand with her introspective and powerful lyrics, huge choruses and distinct yet unpredictable vocals.

Although not Birmingham-related, we at King City Online feel that SHAB’s determination, talent and success are really worth celebrating on International Women’s Day.





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