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Interview by Sam Lambeth

Named after the number for positive change, The Five O Fives are doing just that with their diverse, exciting and uplifting indie rock. Sam Lambeth spoke to them to find out more.

In a parallel universe, right now this interview would be taking place with a band called Glass Eyes. For when it came to choosing a band name, Alice Bloor and The Five O Fives decided to leave it up to the ilk of Instagram.

“We were very nearly called Glass Eyes,” the band concede, but just as the polls were closing and the gang were canvassing, The Five O Fives emerged triumphant. “Firstly, it’s a great Arctic Monkeys song. Secondly, it’s the angel number for positive change.”

Yes, more on that now. There have been a lot of positive changes in the life of Bloor and co lately. They have a settled line-up, for one, comprising of “really good friends, which makes gigs and rehearsals even more fun.”

Secondly, they are one of a slew of seminal artists signed to Indie Midlands, an all-encompassing musical entity and the brainchild of bald behemoth Richard ‘Morph’ Morgan. Indie Midlands, which also has YNES and Graywave on its roster, has been a good home.

“We joined Indie Midlands when we were just starting out,” the band recall. “We had no music out and just two gigs under our belt. When we reached out to Richard we didn’t hold much hope for him saying yes.”

Luckily, they had an ally in Aphra, a solo artist and singer in The Sunset Beach Hut (the first band ever signed by Morgan). She greased the wheels a little and the rest is history.

“They’re a great bunch of people. All the acts he manages are lovely, and we all try and go to as many of each other’s gigs as possible. It’s a great support network.”

There are further positive changes coming. Their new single, If You Won’t Say It, arrives on September 10. It’s been a long time coming, but fans of their previous two tracks – Through the Darkness and Something to Do – are in for a treat.

“It’s about the moment two people know they’re interested in each other and are waiting for the other to admit it,” the band reveal. “The song aims to capture the feeling of uncertainty and the fleeting moments in the genesis of a relationship.”

It’s certainly something you can feel in the song. It’s brimming with sexual tension, unquenched desire and self-doubt. It also contains the kind of anthemic hooks that The Five O Fives have become known for.

There’s more exciting things to come for this band. Glass Eyes will have to wait for now.

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