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Reviewed by Resolution Records

At just 18 years old, Abz Winter’s reputation as a one-to-watch singer/songwriter is growing fast. With a strong voice and an ear for beats, she’s making a burgeoning name for herself in the business of tech-driven dance bangers, as evidenced by her past singles, 2020’s Incompatible Me and Don’t Go Playing With A Young Girls Heart. She’s also racked up an impressive list of achievements in her relatively short career, being featured on BBC WM & CWR amongst other accolades, as well as performing on the Unsigned Artist Stage at Arena Birmingham & Resorts World, prior to the likes of Little Mix, Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande. Time will tell whether Winter’s career will reach similar heights, but the promise is there.

Her latest single, Faker, generally fits in with her discography so far. Produced by Matt Waddell from 14 Records, Faker is a bouncing house-ish club track that spotlights Winter’s vocals and lyrics. Instrumentally, the rubbery, bassy beat pervades through the majority of the verse and chorus, not unlike some cuts off the last Disclosure LP. Winter has undoubtedly one of the strongest voices in the pop landscape and how she remains unsigned is sure to be a “Doh!” moment for some A&R probe at one of the big labels. There is confidence and charisma in the performance, and it’s a lot deeper than whatever drill-appropriative, four-syllable nonsense Drake is bothering the Top 40 with this week.

Overall, Faker is a well-produced and impressive release. The instrumental has the air of something great, with its bouncy, clattering beat, although maybe could go further in that leftfield/housey direction. Perhaps Abz’ lyrics need to be more forthright to make them totally stand out in the pop landscape, but her vocal performance does exactly that.

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