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Pizza Express in Brindley Place welcomed in a crowd of eager music lovers, not only hungry for the delicious food that they had to offer, but also the beautiful vocals of Indie-pop singer-songwriter Eliza May. She was accompanied by a band of extremely talented individuals who gave me and my friend a performance we thoroughly enjoyed. It kick started our night out in Birmingham and it most definitely sent us off on our night of dancing on a high.

The setting was very intimate, with the audience seated on separate tables of their own parties, facing a stage that was already set up with the bands’ instruments on our arrival. It all had a very cosy Jazz club vibe, which we loved as it had the mood set perfectly for the beauty that these amazing artists had to offer.

Gaby K opened the evening with stunning vocals and lyrics paired with incredible strumming from guitarist Ali Clinton that really blew us away. I was singing along with the rest of the crowd to one song that Gaby had the audience participate in, I can’t get it out of my head days on! My friend was in love with her style and I’m sure will be sporting some colourful hair clips very soon.

It’s safe to say that the room was already in a state of musical bliss and when Eliza May took to the stage she pushed our experience into pure rapture with her undeniable talent and lovely personality that shone from her performance and interaction with the audience.

Eliza gave us some as yet unreleased music, which I loved as I’m always here for an exclusive and she most definitely didn’t disappoint. This goes for not only her new songs but older ones too, one song in particular called ‘Float’ which was written for her nan who sadly passed last year. It definitely struck a chord with me as I lost my nan in January. Such a beautiful piece that I held back tears because it was so reminiscent of my feelings and I could relate to every lyric that flowed from the stage. It’s a personal level you don’t get to experience at events too often and I am very grateful to Eliza May for this.

Encouraging us to sing back to her and being very grateful and touched that we did, it showed how humble and genuine this vibrant musician is and that made Eliza even more appealing as an artist. No false pretences or phony exterior, just a down to earth person that lives for her passion and love of music and how it affects others.

Following this song was ‘The Fall’, a piece she wrote for university and was told by many people it should be released; lucky for us it was and what a song it is. The melody was gentle to begin with and ebbed into a more energetic feel, but still retained a calming pace. I was swaying along mesmerized by this woman’s immense ability to affect the room’s emotions and atmosphere. Along with the assistance of the enchanting instrumentals of Nathan Debroize on keyboards, Ben Cooper on bass, Sophie Snelling playing guitar, Jack Ensor on drums and Amelia Wallace harmonising with her incredible voice and also singing parts solo, it all left me wondering how you could possibly have this much talent on one stage.

A Friday night indulging in pizza, pasta and live music - what more could you ask for?





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