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Review by Ross Carley

Bri’s debut single ‘Shower Time’ is a chill-pop delight

Artist: Bri, Song Title: Shower Time, YouTube, 2021

Bri is a Birmingham-based artist bringing 2000's R&B sentiment into her own unique vision. Her debut release ‘Shower Time’ hits the airwaves in time for a long-hot summer and feels like the first sip of a cold daiquiri in a heatwave. The chorus-laden guitars wash around the room as the melodic vocals sit nicely, setting up those sunny vibes. Picture days in the park, surrounded by your nearest and dearest and let Bri soundtrack your newfound glory this year. 'Shower Time' sets a precedent for her artistry and conveys a message of empowerment on a bed of lo-fi jazz guitar and mellow Neo-soul feeling. Produced by the up-and-coming yungsatane, the track hosts an easy conversational flow and atmospheric harmonies.

For fans of: Joy Crookes, Mae Muller, Arlo Parks.


Learn more about Bri here:




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