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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

George Johnson and the lads are aiming for a brand new start.

The lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time for the artists formerly known as Ivory Wave. They were building a real head of steam with their critically-acclaimed Dream Nights EP and their storming sold-out gig at the Institute was lit with the promise of things to come. But the Birmingham band are determined to turn the enforced hiatus into a positive.

“2020 saw us start the year with a bang, but then the world stopped spinning and there were bigger issues to focus on. We used the time to write as many songs as possible and to think about what we wanted as a band”.

Now they’re aiming to emerge from lockdown with a new handle - Big Image.

“We realised the time had come for a refresh. The last five years have been a dream come true but we needed a new identity for this new wave of energy that we discovered. So from now on we’ll be known as Big Image. We’ll still be the same band playing the same music and we can’t wait to hear everyone singing the words to Separate Beat and Uptown when the world is allowed to party once more.”

New name, new line-up

“Moving forward, the band will be a 4-piece as Rob has moved on to other projects. We will forever be grateful for Rob’s commitment to the band and we wish him the very best”.

As you’ll know if you’ve seen them live, the group are certainly not lacking in confidence.

“This band is going to take over the world with the new music we’ve written. We can’t wait to share it with you and hope you ride the wave to the end.”

I was at that Institute show and I can’t wait either. More like this please:

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