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Wallis Brown

“At the gig proper, I enjoyed seeing Abz Winter do a great job of entertaining those gathered for the champagne reception with her energetic electro-soul stylings and forthright lyrics. She sang Traitor, Under Me, I See Red and her current single It’s Not Your Movie. No Abz, it’s not, but if it was then you’d be on the soundtrack” - Stephen Pennell.

Abz Winter is a singer/songwriter from the Midlands who has recently released her new song ‘It’s Not Your Movie’ and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since!

The song has a punky pop feel, full of energetic in-your-face personality, without being aggressive or overpowering, with the satisfaction of telling someone that it’s really not all about them and how you don’t actually care what they have to say.

How many times have we all wanted to scream that at a person who doesn’t seem to be getting the message? Well just send them a link to this song, softening the blow with an exceptional voice and a strong, addictive beat.

It definitely has the rhythm and force that will have people dancing, jumping and belting out the lyrics alongside their best mates, with jaw-aching smiles.

The lyrics are based on her own story. Abz works in the hospitality sector whilst studying and making her music – she talks about how her ex-boss used the word boss to mean power and influence over others. Abz says ‘The title ‘It’s Not Your Movie’ means ‘It’s not all about you!’ The title Boss doesn’t give you the power to be mean and intimidate others, it merely implies you have responsibility for the organisation and people within it, a duty of care. She concludes “be nice, play fair, don’t lord it up ….”. Once again Abz doesn’t take it all too seriously and tongue-in-cheekily tells them through her lyrics.

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Abz Winter perform this live at the Birmingham Music Awards, her phenomenal vocals and confidence on the stage is a thing to behold. Although I thoroughly enjoy listening to ‘It’s Not Your Movie’ through my earphones while I go about my day, there is something about hearing it in person.

The Birmingham Music Awards Best Pop nominee is one of those artists with a voice so striking to be in a room with, a feeling of pure awe and amazement that this young woman is creating that sort of power and melody by singing. It was a rare time where I am more in love with the sound of the live performance. I am captivated by what her voice can do!

She is also a very lovely, down-to-earth and friendly person. I always appreciate listening to good music, when the musician themselves are a genuine person that I am happy to support.

I would love to relive the live splendour all over again but I am more than happy to keep it on my ‘go to’ playlist and enjoy it on repeat until then.

Her latest listening habits inspire the music she is now making. “This is where I want to take my next era of music. The genre is slightly different in terms of influences and styles, feeling more retro than before. The song is still pop, but what is pop music? iIt feels rawer, rock, punk ,indie inspired maybe?” You decide - Abz has a headlining gig at the Flapper in Birmingham on Saturday 12th November; to my dismay I am not free to attend but I implore you to go and witness this true gem of an artist sing an outstanding song!





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